Heyo! I'm Keshia Rose 👋🏾

Life Simplifier & Web Dabbler

Seattle, WA, USA

Who am I?

Professionally I'm a Senior Developer Evangelist at Fingerprint, but in my free time, I like to make little free web apps and tools to help people. Check back here to see my latest projects!

My Projects

Easy Check Splitter


Split the check and save your friendships with Easy Check Splitter. Assign items to friends and fairly divide the bill, including tips, for stress-free shared meals.

Round Robin Randomizer


Randomly select a name from a list while making sure everyone gets a chance before someone goes again. Perfect for choosing who goes first in a game, or where to go for dinner.

CSV Combiner


Quickly union multiple similar CSVs into one file that you can easily use for data analysis or any other data processing.



Create real-time countdowns for a series of events, letting you know what's coming up next. Whether you're organizing conferences, museum tours, or fitness classes, keep your audience informed in real time.

Do I Need An Adapter?

In progress

Figure out if you need an adapter for your next trip. Just select your home country and your destination, and get details on the necessary adapters or converters.

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